Turaiel Art

Turaiel by Sareii
My first piece, a free headshot from Sareii.

Turaiel by MinaRabbit
A gift from a friend, drawn by MinaRabbit.

Turaiel by kiit0s
A gift from kiit0s while we were trying to nail down Turaiel’s design.

Turaiel by PurpleLemons
A gift from PurpleLemons at MFF 2019.

Turaiel by Nekonny
A gift from Nekonny at MFF 2019. He was bored, I gave him my description, and Turaiel suddenly grew boobs. It’s cute though!

Turaiel by KDhyanmo
A gift from KDhynamo at MFF 2019. He decided to follow Nekonny’s example.